Clear Water Carbon Fund tree planting activities were designed so that our carbon reductions are real, permanent, and additional:

  1. Real:  Carbon benefits can be measured and documented.
  2. Permanent:  Projects will continue for at least 40 years and are guaranteed by formal agreements.  Forest carbon offsets are vulnerable to “reversals,” an intentional or unintentional event, such as harvesting or forest fire, that can release sequestered carbon back into the atmosphere.  As a result, developers of forest carbon offsets must take extra precautions to ensure the sequestered carbon is protected, and must contribute offsets to a buffer pool or use another approved risk mitigation mechanism to compensate for any future reversal.
  3. Additional:  Carbon benefits must be in addition to any carbon sequestration that would have otherwise happened without the project.  

We designed the program according to published standards, methodologies, and tools for greenhouse gas accounting, carbon sequestration calculations, and monitoring protocols.  At this time, we do not offer verified offsets because the costs of independent third party verification are prohibitive. 

See our technical fact sheet for more details.