TreeWhen you purchase trees from the Clear Water Carbon Fund, you do three things:

  1. Invest in tree planting that removes carbon from the atmosphere
  2. Protect and maintain clean water and wildlife habitat while simultaneously sequestering carbon from the atmosphere
  3. Invest in local projects that help sustain and grow your local economy and community.

With the Clear Water Carbon Fund, individuals and businesses can simultaneously fight climate change and protect clean water by planting trees along streams and rivers. These trees do four amazing things:

  1. Filter sediment and harmful pollutants to keep water clean
  2. Shade streams to keep them cool
  3. Provide valuable habitat for fish and wildlife
  4. Remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it.

Trees purchased through the Clear Water Carbon Fund funds planting and maintenance of trees near streams and rivers, ongoing monitoring of carbon sequestration, and rental payments to land owners to compensate for lost income (for example, some landowners generate revenue from these areas by harvesting hay).  We partner with local land trusts to indentify willing landowners and oversee on-the-ground monitoring.

The Clear Water Carbon Fund was developed by Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. Manomet has over 40 years of experience in scientific research and problem solving and brings technical knowledge, experience, and transparency to the administration of the Clear Water Carbon Fund.